Real-Time PCR applied to bacterial waterborne pathogens detection and quantification





Soto Varela, Zamira
Rosado Porto, David
Ceballos Sandoval, Jairo
Pichón González, Camila
Bettín Martínez, Alfonso Carlos
Badillo Viloria, María
Granados Pantoja, Bertha
Estrada Alvarado, Dalidier
Orozco Sánchez, Christian
Bolívar Anillo, Hernando

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Ediciones Univerisidad Simón Bolívar


Simón Bolívar University, through the microbiology program belonging to the faculty of basic and biomedical sciences and its research group Bio-organizaciones, present the book entitled Real-time PCR applied to bacterial waterborne pathogens detection and quantitication, which is a research outcome, effort of professors, researchers, students and graduated students who actively participated in the executión of the project named "Implementación y estandarización de la técnica de qPCR en la detección de microorganismos patógenos bacterianos de importancia en salud pública como bioindicadores de la calidad del agua", financed with resources from national fund of Royalties of Colombia which enabled the creation of facilities for microbiology research at the Simón Bolívar University for the molecular microbiological diagnosis of water. In this work, categorized as a research product book, the tests carried out and the results obtained in the process of implementing the real-time PCR technique to evaluate the quality of the water through the identification and quantification of salmonella spp and escherichia coli bacteria are detailed. The data presented will be of great contribution to the reader for the implementation of this technique in their laboratories and for students in related areas to enrich their knowledge in this subject. The book is the product of the collaborative work of various researchers, mostly linked to the Simón Bolívar University and the Microbiology Program, such as professors Zamira Soto, David Rosado, Jairo Ceballos, Hernando Bolívar and Christian Orozco, who have a solid background in molecular and water microbiology; in addition, the professors María Badillo and Liliana Pérez supported: José Villareal from the Universidad Libre and Alfonso Bettin from the Univerisdad Metropolitana, who prepared a chapter where they express their experiences on the standardization of the PCR techniques. Also, it is worth mentioning the participation of the students Camila Pichón and Bertha Granados and the graduated student Dalidier Estrada from the Microbiology Program, who supported the execution of the project and the writing of the manuscript, being an example for those students who wish to follow the researcher career.


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Análisis de agua, Composición de agua, Calidad del agua