A Governing Framework for Data-Driven Small Organizations in Colombia

dc.contributor.authorHeredia-Vizcaíno, Diana
dc.contributor.authorNieto, Wilson
dc.description.abstractHistorically, data has been seen as the result of business transactions, with a little value beyond them, but they were not treated as a valuable shared asset. From the early 1990s, business decisions and processes started to be driven increasingly by data and data analysis. Further investment in data management was the approach taken to tackle the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data, such as complex data repositories, data warehouses, and complex information systems. Data needed to be shared between multiple systems, which gave origin to the master data management. The first attempts of Data Management and Data Governance were failed, owing that, they were conducted by Information Technology division; today, Data Governance is still an under-researched area. In Colombia, very few organizations have started to implement Data Governance programs. There are IT Governance initiatives, within which there may be some particular linings for Data Quality or Metadata Management, as well as for Information Security. In the year 2014, the Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información (MinTIC, a national government organization) designed a guide for Data Governance, which must be followed by every public institution, as part of the national policies such as Gobierno Digital Colombia. Small organizations, generally, know little or nothing about this initiative, but are aware of the importance of exploiting the data to obtain useful knowledge for the development of their businesses.eng
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dc.sourceAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computingeng
dc.sourceVolumen 930eng
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dc.subjectData governanceeng
dc.subjectData driven organizationseng
dc.titleA Governing Framework for Data-Driven Small Organizations in Colombiaeng


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