Importance of coupling the teaching methodologies of mathematics with the learning styles of digital natives





Orozco Guzmán, M.
Obredor Castro, S.
Mejía Acuña, F.
Silvera Malo, E.

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The purpose of this article is to explain the importance of adapting the teaching and learning methods of mathematics through the use of ICTs. It is suggested that it is necessary to do so, because at present, we are in the knowledge and information society. For this, we use the literature review as an investigative method, with which we hope to explain the disadvantages of continuing to use traditional methods and the importance of innovating it through reflective practices and collaborative projects. Then, we will address the skills that need to be developed, to adapt students to the demands of today's societies. Similarly, we will explain the characteristics of modern students through the concept of digital natives, to identify what tools and methods can be used in order to facilitate meaningful learning of mathematics. Finally, we will be offering a discussion about the method that should be implemented and what studies exist to support its use. It is concluded that the Tics must be included in the teaching of mathematics because they are necessary to adjust to work and professional life.


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