The role of green it in the non-functional software development requirements: Perspectives for functional design




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Many of the research carried out on green information technology or green technologies has focused on reducing the environmental effect, on the design, development and use of increasingly eco-efficient electronic devices, in terms of the machine, that is, the hardware; but this trend has changed in recent years, due to the concern to cover all fronts in which green information technology is part; what has allowed to generate studies and investigations in another aspect, as it is the software. Some authors have addressed the issue, however, models, descriptions or implementations in the area of software are still in short supply, whose main rationale is eco-efficiency, that is, environmental strategies to reduce the impact of a product or service by increasing the efficiency of resource utilization. The research emphasizes the formulation of a guide based on the principles promulgated in green information technology as a non-functional requirement in the analysis and design of software and incorporating this guide in the software engineering projects of the systems engineering program of the Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander, Seccional Ocaña, through the content of the green information technology elective course and as an academic unit of the software engineering course.


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