Conditioning of extreme learning machine for noisy data using heuristic optimization




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This article provides a tool that can be used in the exact sciences to obtain good approximations to reality when noisy data is inevitable. Two heuristic optimization algorithms are implemented: Simulated Annealing and Particle Swarming for the determination of the extreme learning machine output weights. The first operates in a large search space and at each iteration it probabilistically decides between staying at its current state or moving to another. The swarm of particles, it optimizes a problem from a population of candidate solutions, moving them throughout the search space according to position and speed. The methodology consists of building data sets around a polynomial function, implementing the heuristic algorithms and comparing the errors with the traditional computation method using the Moore–Penrose inverse. The results show that the heuristic optimization algorithms implemented improve the estimation of the output weights when the input have highly noisy data.


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Exact sciences, Data, Optimization algorithms, Heuristic algorithms