A model of anaerobic digestion for biogas production using abel equations

dc.contributor.authorAcosta-Humánez, Primitivo B.
dc.contributor.authorMachado Higuera, Maximiliano
dc.contributor.authorSinitsyn, Alexander V.
dc.description.abstractMathematical models for biogas production are studied due to their importance in the use of control and optimization of renewable resources and clean energy. In this paper, we combine two algebraic methods to obtain solutions of Abel equation of first kind that arises from a mathematical model to biogas production formulated in France on 2001. The aim of this paper is to obtain Liouvillian solutions of Abel’s equations through Hamiltonian algebrization. As an illustration, we present graphics of solutions for Abel equations and solutions for Abel equations in algebraic form.eng
dc.publisherPushpa Publishing Houseeng
dc.rights.licenselicencia de Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional
dc.sourceRevista Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences (FJMS)eng
dc.sourceVol. 101, No. 6 (2017)
dc.subjectAbel equationeng
dc.subjectDifferential equationseng
dc.subjectHamiltonian algebrizationeng
dc.subjectLiouvillian solutionseng
dc.titleA model of anaerobic digestion for biogas production using abel equationseng
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