Relation Between Levels of Leptine and Metabolic Parameters in Children and Adolescents

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Pérez-Álvarez, Omar
Navarro-Lechuga, Edgar
Garavito-Galofre, María del Pilar
Navarro-Jiménez, Eduardo

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Canadian Centrer of Science and Education


Objective: To determine the relationship between leptin levels and metabolic parameters in children and adolescents. Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional study. Laboratory biochemical values and anthropometric parameters were determined. Univariate analysis was performed with measurements of frequencies and percentages and bivariate analysis through statistical significance tests (p <0.05). In case of multiple comparisons, the Bonferroni correction was made. Results: There were higher levels of leptin to higher adipose tissue, while in the metabolic parameters a relationship was observed between high levels of glycemia and leptin independent of the variables gender, age group and nutritional status. There was no clear relationship between high levels of leptin and those of the lipid profile. Conclusions: There was a relationship between leptin concentrations and nutritional status and in the relationship of leptin with the metabolic parameters studied, there was an association with glycemia, while this association was not clear with the lipid profile.


Palabras clave

Pediatric obesity, Leptin, Glycemia, Adipose tissue