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dc.contributor.authorAriza-Colpas, Paola Patricia
dc.contributor.authorSanchez-Moreno, Hernando Alberto
dc.contributor.authorPineres-Melo, Marlon Alberto
dc.contributor.authorMorales-Ortega, Roberto Cesar
dc.contributor.authorAyala-Mantilla, Cristian Eduardo
dc.contributor.authorVillate-Daza, Diego Andrés
dc.contributor.authorDe-la Hoz, Franco Emiro
dc.contributor.authorCollazos-Morales, Carlos Andrés
dc.description.abstractThe interaction between the oceanic and continental basins has been of general interest among the scientific community of multiple disciplines, from the physical perspective of how the interaction of fresh and salt waters mutually modulate their hydrodynamic behavior, and how this in turn determines the transport of sediments, nutrients and other tracers, in addition to inducing changes in the morphodynamics of the river and / or coastal-oceanic zone. Due to the importance of technology for the prevention of different environmental phenomena, this article aims to show the systematic review of the literature about different applications that allow software and hardware interaction to support decision making in the sense of aquifers.eng
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional*
dc.sourceProcedia Computer Scienceeng
dc.sourceVol. 170 (2020)
dc.subjectWireless Systemeng
dc.subjectAquifer monitoring systemseng
dc.subjectInternet of Thingsspa
dc.titleInternet of Things applied to Aquifer Monitoring Systems: A surveyeng
dcterms.referencesAlvarez-Silva O., Maturana A., Pacheco C., Osorio A.F. Effects of water pretreatment on the extractable salinity gradient energy at river mouths: the case of Magdalena River – Caribbean Sea. Submitted to sustainable energy Technologies and Assesments.eng
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dcterms.referencesRestrepo J.C., Schrottke K., Traini C., Bartholomae A., Ospino S., Ortíz J.C., et al. Estuarine and sediment dynamics in a microtidal tropical estuary of high fluvial discharge: Magdalena River (Colombia South America). Mar Geol, 398 (2018), pp. 86-98eng
dcterms.referencesRestrepo J.C., Schrottke K., Traini C., Ortíz J.C., Orejarena A., Otero L., Higgins A., Marriaga L. Sediment transport regime and geomorphological change in a high discharge tropical delta (Magdalena River, Colombia): Insights from a period of intense change and human intervention (1990-2010). Journal of Coastal Research (December 2014).eng
dcterms.referencesOspino S., Restrepo J.C., Otero L.J., Pierini J., Alvarez-Silva O., 2018. Saltwater Intrusion into a River of High Fluvial Discharge: The Micro-Tidal Estuary of the Magdalena River, Colombia. Journal of Coastal Research. In press.eng
dcterms.referencesHernandez H., 2018. Variabilidad de la estratificación y mezcla en la desembocadura del Delta del río Magdalena. Tesis de Maestría. Universidad del
dcterms.referencesHiggins A, Restrepo J., Ortiz J, Pierini J, Otero L, (2016) Suspended sediment transport in the Magdalena River (Colombia, South America): Hydrologic regime, rating parameters and effective discharge variability, International Journal of Sediment Research, Volume 31, Issue 1, 2016, Pages 25-35, ISSN 1001-6279,eng
dcterms.referencesRestrepo J.C. Dinámica Sedimentaria en Deltas Micromareales – Estratificados de Alta Descarga: Delta del Rio Magdalena (Colombia – Mar Caribe), Universidad del Norte (2015)spa
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dcterms.referencesRuiz, M.A., Bernal G., 2009. Variabilidad estacional e interanual del viento en los datos del reanálisis NCEP/NCAR en la cuenca Colombia, mar Caribe." En: Avances en Recursos Hidráulicos
dcterms.referencesArredondo M., 2017. Variabilidad interanual de la pluma de sedimentos aportados por el Río Magdalena en la zona costera del mar Caribe. Tesis de Maestría. Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellínspa
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dcterms.referencesAriza-Colpas P., Morales-Ortega R., Piñeres-Melo M.A., Melendez-Pertuz F., Serrano-Torné G., Hernandez-Sanchez G., Collazos-Morales C. Teleagro: Software Architecture of Georeferencing and Detection of Heat of Cattle Workshop on Engineering Applications, Springer, Cham (2019), pp. 159-166eng
dcterms.referencesAriza-Colpas, P., Oviedo-Carrascal, A.I., & De-la-hoz-Franco, E. (2019, July). Using K-Means Algorithm for Description Analysis of Text in RSS News Format. In International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data (pp. 162-169). Springer, Singaporeeng
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dcterms.referencesAriza-Colpas, P.P., Piñeres-Melo, M.A., Nieto-Bernal, W., & Morales-Ortega, R. (2019, July). WSIA: Web Ontological Search Engine Based on Smart Agents Applied to Scientific Articles. In International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (pp. 338-347). Springer, Cham.eng
dcterms.referencesViloria, A., Neira Rodado, D., & Pineda Lezama, O.B. (2019). Recovery of scientific data using Intelligent Distributed Data Warehouse.eng
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