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dc.contributor.authorHuérfano, Y
dc.contributor.authorVera, M
dc.contributor.authorValbuena, O
dc.contributor.authorGelvez-Almeida, E
dc.contributor.authorSalazar-Torres, J
dc.description.abstractLung cancer is one of the pathologies that sensitively affects the health of human beings. Particularly, the pathology called pulmonary adenocarcinoma represents 25% of all lung cancers. In this research, we propose a semiautomatic technique for the characterization of a tumor (adenocarcinoma type), present in a three-dimensional pulmonary computed tomography dataset. Following the basic scheme of digital image processing, first, a bank of smoothing filters and edge detectors is applied allowing the adequate preprocessing over the dataset images. Then, clustering methods are used for obtaining the tumor morphology. The relative percentage error and the accuracy rate were the metrics considered to determine the performance of the proposed technique. The values obtained from the metrics used reflect an excellent correlation between the morphology of the tumor, generated manually by a pneumologist and the values obtained by the proposed technique. In the clinical and surgical contexts, the characterization of the detected lung tumor is made in terms of volume occupied by the tumor and it allows the monitoring of this disease as well as the activation of the respective protocols for its approach.eng
dc.publisherIOP Publishingeng
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional*
dc.sourceJournal of Physics: Conference Serieseng
dc.sourceVol. 1408 (2019)eng
dc.titlePulmonary adenocarcinoma characterization using computed tomography imageseng
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dcterms.referencesKubota T, Jerebko A, Dewan M, Salganicoff M, Krishnan A 2011 Density and attachment agnostic ct pulmonary nodule segmentation with competition-diffusion and new morphological operators Multi modality state-of-the-art medical image segmentation and registration methodologies ed A. El-Baz (Boston: Springer)eng
dcterms.referencesAlilou, M, Beig N, Orooji M, Rajiah P, Velcheti V, Rakshit S, Reddy N, Yang M, Jacono F, Gilkeson R, Linden P, Madabhushi A 2017 An integrated segmentation and shape-based classification scheme for distinguishing adenocarcinomas from granulomas on lung ct Med Phys. 44(7) 3556eng
dcterms.referencesWang S, Chen A, Yang L, Cai L, Xie Y, Fujimoto J, Gazdar A, Xiao G 2018 Comprehensive analysis of lung cancer pathology images to discover tumor shape and boundary features that predict survival outcome Scientific Reports 8(1) 10393eng
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dcterms.referencesDice L 1945 Measures of the amount of ecologic associationn between species Ecology 26(3) 29eng

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